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Men unloading a lorry

How to make your products withstand vigorous movement in transit

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting your products against falls, impact and weight crushing, during transit …

16/02/17 10:09

Ensuring your wooden packages comply with ISPM15 regulations

Wood is a durable and renewable natural resource that is commonly used in international trade. Over 90 percent of …

11/11/16 09:59

An Insight into Packaging for the Defence Market

Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture have a wealth of experience in dealing with packaging for …

26/08/14 09:50

Tri-Mite: Lightweight, High Strength, Reusable Packaging- A Useful Guide

For many years Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture have provided Tri-mite packaging solutions for a number …

07/08/14 17:01

What are dangerous goods?

Goods which are classified as dangerous for transport, range from those which are highly dangerous (such as explosives …

26/07/14 16:51