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pallets stack on top of one another

How to prevent mouldy pallets

Packaging materials are often exposed to different environmental conditions including humidity changes and …

19/04/17 09:15
different packaging materials

How to choose the right materials for your packaging

Effective protection of your products depends largely on the quality of the packaging materials that you use. Not only …

09/03/17 10:31
Men unloading a lorry

How to make your products withstand vigorous movement in transit

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting your products against falls, impact and weight crushing, during transit …

16/02/17 10:09

Ensuring your wooden packages comply with ISPM15 regulations

Wood is a durable and renewable natural resource that is commonly used in international trade. Over 90 percent of …

11/11/16 09:59

An Insight into Packaging for the Defence Market

Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture have a wealth of experience in dealing with packaging for …

26/08/14 09:50