Investment in new 3D software gives Macfarlane Packaging the edge in custom packaging design.

Our expertise and market leadership in composite packaging has been reinforced by a significant investment at both our Grantham and Westbury production plants, where the latest 3D design software from Solidworks has been installed.

3D designThis software is already proven in the engineering sector and now brings a range of design and manufacturing benefits for packaging users in need of a custom-made solution.

There is a number of key advantages to the system, including the ability to develop tailor-made packaging directly from a customer’s 3D design model.

The system allows customers to view directly, via email, animated designs in advance of any prototype or samples. Customers can “check fit” their CAD product models into the virtual packaging!

The process speeds up development time and reduces the need for samples whilst at the same time offering the customer more visibility of the proposed design.

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