Bespoke packaging can be a game changer for businesses to preserve products and reduce costs associated with damages. Whether you operate in the medical, aerospace or electronics industry, it is critical to have packaging solutions that protect items throughout the logistics chain. Often cost savings, environmental impact and ease of use are equally important so, it is essential to have a well-structured pack design.


Packaging designed to handle varied transport conditions

Often products will endure long journeys and will be exposed to a range of climatic conditions. Also, there are other shipping hazards such as load, temperature and means of transportation. Therefore, the packaging should be able to withstand the effects of shock, compression and vibration during transit. Here at Macfarlane Design and Manufacture, we use the right blend of materials such as corrugated boards, performance foam and softwood timber making sure your products are handled and stored safely but ensuring that the packaging weight is as lightweight as possible – helping to reduce your shipping costs


Packaging design risk assessment

The risks of industrial items being damaged are high and often associated costs can have a big impact on the business operation. Which is why it is important to do a full risk assessment of the packaging in line with its design. Dimensions and characteristics of a product are taken into consideration making sure the packaging can be easily handled and is within the carrier’s standard limits.


Creating an effective design

Having identified potential handling, storage and transport hazards a protective industrial packaging concept can be drafted. The software used by Macfarlane Design and Manufacture is SolidWorks 3D CAD, which makes it easy for both packaging and product designers to work together, exchange information and assess design proposals. The packaging design can be visualised, and design proposals can be modified easily, making it easy to coordinate the packaging design process for all stakeholders.


Here at Macfarlane, we pride ourselves on developing innovative design solutions and quality manufacturing that will ensure appropriate protection throughout the supply chain.

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