Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture have a wealth of experience in dealing with packaging for defence.

DID YOU KNOW? Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture became the first dedicated packaging company to be awarded the authority to design and sign off packaging specifications on behalf of the MoD in the late 60’s?

Packaging for the MoD and NATO forces is subject to the most exacting standards, designed to protect equipment wherever it is deployed. This often involves severe climatic and physical conditions and DEF STAN 81-41 sets out stringent guidelines as to the design, testing, documentation, processing and marking of packaging materials.

All eventualities are covered, from basic commercial level packs – where items are to be shipped for immediate use – to situations where harsh transportation conditions and long-term storage are envisaged. The level of packaging required is determined by the MoD and specified on the tender and contract documents.

Where higher levels of packaging are involved, each material has its own specification, which stipulates the properties and test certification required. Defence standards also cover the design and construction of the container, bearing in mind the size and weight of the item to be shipped.

Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture are accredited on the Military Packer Accreditation Scheme (MPAS). Dependent upon the nature of the goods, and the storage and handling requirements, a Services Packaging Instruction Sheet may be allocated to the contract. This contains full instructions about how the package should be constructed and marked to ensure the manufacturer consistently meet the required standard and quality.

As an accredited MPAS (ex DR14) supplier, Macfarlane Packaging is authorised to formulate and sign off the SPIS documents on behalf of the MoD, which can be accredited to its comprehensive design, testing facilities and specially trained staff. Currently, our representatives serve on the MoD Review committee, and take part in assessment of the recently-introduced MoD packaging training programme.

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