Have you ever wondered how much your packaging really costs you?

The unit price is an obvious consideration but, in reality, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are some other significant costs hiding beneath the surface that can affect your profits, product security and brand reputation. It’s time to discover them.

Below are the six that bother most businesses.

Product protection
Packaging plays the key role in protecting your products from the moment they leave your warehouse up until they arrive with your customers. Products that arrive broken will create additional costs and can harm your brand reputation.
Lighter, smaller but stronger packs such as Tri-mite, designed with a high strength to weight ratio, will help ensure supreme product protection, anywhere in the world.

Transport costs
Reducing your pack size and weight will help save on transport costs. Lighter, more compact packaging will take less space in your vehicles, ensuring you ship more in fewer journeys. This will significantly lower your supply chain costs while improving your green credentials.

Productivity costs
How fast can you assemble and pack each product for shipment? When your packaging operation and packaging are designed to work together, productivity goes up. Review your existing pack designs or switch to providers that can offer a controlled packing service to ease your workload while delivering speed and product integrity.

Storage costs
Some packaging and products can be bulky to store. If you struggle with insufficient storage space, consider storing your packaging with a service provider who will hold stock and drip feed into your business. Not only will you free up valuable warehouse floor, you will also save on rent and insurance!

Material costs
The right combination of materials is crucial in ensuring excellent product protection while minimising your shipping costs. There’s a wide range of non-hazardous, sustainable packaging materials available on the market. Consider speaking with a packaging expert about choosing the best solutions for your products and requirements.

Customer Experience
Now more than ever, the package has a big part to play in delivering your brand experience. Customers except their products to arrive undamaged, in packaging that is easy to open and dispose of (or return). The better experience your customers have, the more likely they are to return and recommend you to others.

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