Effective warehouse management is vital to ensure your products get to customers quickly and efficiently.

If storage is a problem and you struggle with bulky packaging everywhere you look, it might be time to review your packaging operation.

Optimised packaging will not only help you save on warehouse rent and reduce transport costs, it will also protect your products thought the entire shipping and storing process.

Effective product protection largely depends on the selection of packaging materials and their capabilities. Your packaging should offer the right fit for the contents to prevent products from moving inside the pack and getting damaged as a result.

Packaging solutions such as Tri-Mite have been designed specifically for ensuring superior pack strength with low weight ratio and excellent stacking properties.

Tri-Mite containers combine the attributes of heavy-duty corrugated board with accurately machined joints, which makes them particularly suitable for re-useable applications. This excellent solution will help you reduce the space each parcel takes up in both your warehouse and delivery vehicles, generating savings in your entire operation!

Out-sourcing the storage of your products and packaging is another great way to save on storage space. At Macfarlane Packaging, we can warehouse your packaging and deliver your items exactly when you need them.

We offer two options depending on your needs – just in time (JIT) production, where products and packaging are produced to order, and drip-feed supply, where products and packaging are supplied as and when you need them.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you increase storage space and improve product protection by optimising your packaging operation: http://www.macfarlanemanufacturing.com/contact-us/

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