For many years Macfarlane Packaging, Design and Manufacture have provided Tri-mite packaging solutions for a number of applications. Tri-mite utilises the benefits of heavy duty corrugated board to create a container with a high strength to weight ratio.

A combination of the sheet material structure together with accurately machined, engineered joints enables the packs to be designed and manufactured to give a precise clean line and stronger container, with excellent stacking properties over the conventional method of creased board cases.

The packs can be manufactured to a style and size to suit the specific requirements and importantly there are no tooling costs involved in the manufacture of the case.

Packs can be designed in a number of styles but some of the more popular types are:

  • Standard (Hinged lid, tape closure)
  • Wraparound (Hinged lid with fasteners for re-use optional handles)
  • Spilt Front Wraparound (for deeper reusable cases)
  • Tote tray (Can be made to bespoke sizes)

All the containers can be fitted internally to suit the application utilising materials such as corrugated, foams and plastics. Wide selections of handles are also available.

There are a number of finishes that can be applied to containers including:

  • Varnish
  • Acrylic Coating
  • Paint
  • Screen Print

Tri mite packs come with a whole host of benefits as they provide a lightweight, high compression strength, reusable solution with safe and easy stacking.

Tri-mite packs are also appropriate for a wide range of applications and industries including:

  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Airfreight
  • UN Hazardous Cargo
  • Bespoke designs
  • Fine Art
  • Sales promotions
  • Education
  • Distribution.

If you think that Tri-mite may be the solution you need or if you simply need some packaging advice please call us today on 0844 770 1435 or email

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